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5 Steps To Getting Started With Marketing Automation

Successful email marketing, demand generation, and lead management processes hinge on a modern strategy closely aligned to buyer needs and expectations across all phases of the buying process. Using a wide spectrum of digital channels, today’s buyers employ an extensive network of tools and resources to make the most informed purchase decisions.

The Modern Marketing era is […]

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Client Use Case – AT Bank

A&T Bank was founded in 1977 as Arap Türk Bankası A.Ş.. The bank consist of 65% Libyan-Kuwait and 35% private Turkish ownership.

Faced with the challenge of reducing operating expenses without sacrificing the frequency or quality of its
communications, AT Bank saw an opportunity to shift toward digital marketing.

“We could no longer justify the expense of traditional […]

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The Best Birthdays Are Multi-channel

For many, birthdays are all about the gifts. And while I’m certainly not one to shun a bow-topped package, presents aren’t the only things that I enjoy about my birthday. Another is the birthday marketing. Really. One reason: I like to see who sends “the best” birthday greetings..

I don’t define best as the biggest dollars-off coupon, though I certainly […]

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Client Success – Case Study

Started as a family-owned shop in the late 1980s, Ay yıldız has grown to 80 stores across Turkey—in addition to a dedicated e-commerce division. Despite the company’s expansive growth, Ay yıldız has always held a passion for providing “above and beyond” service to all customers, whether in-store or online. This is evident in the company’s highly personalized e-marketing […]

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The 5 Principles of Marketing Automation

1. Targeting.
The first step in building any sustainable structure is to ensure a proper foundation. Think of your database as this foundation. Without the proper data management and hygiene
in place, your marketing operations will suffer because it’s nearly impossible to meaningfully segment and refine your prospects.

2. Engagement.
Meaningful marketing is centered on the customer. No longer can […]

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Profiling and Reporting

Collecting, saving and sorting profile and reporting data is critical to profiling, targeting and personalisation. Thru greater targeting and personalisation leads to higher levels of engagment.

• Registration/Preference Data
Integrating newsletters and promotions have been a very effective way for companies to grow subscriptions. One of the most common way to accomplish this is to host Preference […]

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Knowing Your Customers

An effective contact strategy should think beyond traditional outbound email promotions that make up the vast majority of email programs. Marketers should update and improve their strategies and include targeted promotions that are integrated with multi-channel communications.

Profile-based Segmentation, Targeting and Personalization.
Deliver highly targeted, personalized and dynamic content and offers tailored to an individual’s profile and […]

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Always Ask for Permission

The first step toward improving Multi-Channel ROI is combining Getting Permission, Multi-Channel Delivery, Profiling and Measuring strategies.

Step #1: Getting Permission:
Permission may be the most powerful, overlooked concept in marketing. Getting permission from qualified prospects to receive updated information about your organization might possibly be the most efficient way to increase your marketing ROI (return on […]

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Checklist for Improving Multi-Channel ROI – Part I

Over the years, the common goal for marketers and customer service decision makers is to increase revenues while lowering all of the costs associated with improving ROI. This particular goal has been hard to accomplish throughout the years therefore marketers has been working on trying to develop an integtagred system which will eliminate the insufficiency […]

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