Happy Customers

Pagos develops software solutions and provides IT consulting services to clients in various industries. But, when it comes to Email Marketing, we wanted to work with company who can provide us not just a software platform, but full service for our needs. We have access to their wide array of services focused on adding value to our marketing programs and designed to help us become savvier in our engagement-building efforts. As a result, our retention rate went far above the industry average

As Lush, we love how we can create target groups on the fly without having to contact customer support or in house technical person. We create highly complicated target groups to send our automated campaigns with Revotas to increase our brand awarness and customer loyalty.

When it comes to Email Marketing, we feel so lucky work with such an experienced and professional company like Revotas. If you want result oriented email marketing solutions then look for Revotas is the best company for you.

We only recently started using Revotas and we love it! We can track our email campaigns end to end. We can check who opened our emails, who clicked on our links and who shared them on the social networks sites then based on the results, we send follow up campaigns and increase our ROI.