Revotas offers a range of optional campaign management services designed to facilitate the execution of your email initiatives.

Our dedicated team of experienced Revotas System professionals have the experience to assist with selected or all facets of your email marketing programs.

Our team will guide you through all campaign phases. From assets creation & collection, execution of your campaign to reporting, Revotas will manage your email program insuring timely and error free implementation of your email campaign.

But, also our system is so easy you to use and customizable so that you can manage your own campaigns. As a result, we created 3 service models that can answer our customer’s needs

Revotas’s sophisticated segmentation tool helps you create complicated segmentation groups based on the criteria of your choice and perform merge/purge tasks at the click of a button.

Training and Knowledge Transfer

Support and best practices to improve results and efficiency

Account management

System notifications and alert

Quick start guides and online tools to enable rapid ramp-up

Ad-hoc Services available for more refined levels of client needs

Revotas is committed to delivering a comprehensive suite of best-in-class multi-marketing technology, process, people and consulting that fully integrates with your internal marketing solution.

Email Program Strategy

Creative Services

Implementation and Testing

Customer Reporting and Trend Analysis

Deliverability services

Full Service Model provide a complete turn-key solution from Campaign creation to execution to ROI. Our service is about creating a collaborative service model by understanding your business, your strategic initiatives,and your needs

Strategic planning and program design

Automation and optimization of the system including data integration

Campaign creation and management

Testing, measurement and recommendations for improvement

Custom response analysis and RFM segmentation recommendations

Account management and support

Deliverability optimization

Dynamic campaign execution