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Client Use Case – AT Bank

A&T Bank was founded in 1977 as Arap Türk Bankası A.Ş.. The bank consist of 65% Libyan-Kuwait and 35% private Turkish ownership.

Faced with the challenge of reducing operating expenses without sacrificing the frequency or quality of its
communications, AT Bank saw an opportunity to shift toward digital marketing.

“We could no longer justify the expense of traditional direct mail, but we still needed to communicate as directly as before,” says Cem Bayer Nick, AT Bank’s, Marketing Director. While the bank was using Revotas Email for transactional sends by notifying  customers of e-statement notifications, it hadn’t begun using the software for marketing purposes.

With an email marketing team of one, AT Bank  began sending general promotional offers to its client base. “They looked great, but we weren’t initially segmenting or targeting our list,” says Cem. “As a lifelong marketer, you always think ‘we could do this better.’”


AT implemented a matrix email program—a schematic with multiple tracks and behavior-based communications. This allowed the bank to run lifecycle marketing programs that aligned with the needs of its customer base through separate welcome and thank-you tracks.

“With all of the reporting built into the Revotas solution, it’s easy to see open and click rates. On the back end, we analyze what works and what doesn’t, when customers engage and when they don’t,” says Bayer. “It shed light on which communication tracks we should develop and how we should target our marketing. We’re starting to see just how effective these campaigns are.”

“I find the Revotas system to be truly fantastic. It’s easy to use, and the A/B testing functionality is awesome. The tracking is very good, and it’s helping us understand more about what our customers want. Connecting these dots is critical for our business.” – Cem Bayer

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