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Boost Revenue

Boost revenue with increased subscriber acquisition rates and nurture more identified customers through the path to
purchase. Revotas’ intelligent Customer Acquisition Solution keeps high-intent shoppers on track to convert through
targeted, behavioral-based popups.

20% average annual list growth rate


Better Impressions, Make a Bigger Impact

Our Intelligent Acquisition Solution is designed to acquire customers with the highest likelihood to engage and purchase. You’ll improve every metric – lower bounce rates while increasing opens, clicks, conversions and revenue.

• Engagement-based triggers: entry, exit, scroll, URL and parameter targeting, or page of session
• Reduce design time and implementation resources while maintaining complete control of all graphical elements using creative design templates, or customize to meet your needs
• Animate to capture attention
• Optimize for mobile responsive design
• Measure ROI and list growth clearly
• Remain compliant in mobile and GDPR regulations